Founded in 1999, Nordic Group OÜ is a production company engaging in the production,
packing and sale of chemicals at Kiiu in the Rural Municipality of Kuusalu. Our biggest
products include windshield washer fluids and coolants for motor vehicles.
Our destination markets have come to include Scandinavia and the Baltic States.
OÜ Nordic Group has high production capacity for the packing of fluids.

We are able to pack a variety of chemicals and preparations, from 0.5 litre bottles through to
200 litre drums to 1000 litre containers. On a subcontracting basis, we are prepared to supply
packing services to other companies engaging in the production and packing of chemical
products. We have tanks totalling 270 000 litres in volume for receiving and storing chemicals
as well as sufficient square footage for storing the finished product. High-quality results are
provided by our fully-automated packing lines and years of experience.

We look forward to doing business with you.

Nordic Group OÜ